How to Use X-lookup

You can probably already tell by the name Time Saving Templates, that all about taking the shortcut, that can save you time, not necessarily about learning every detail and formula there is. 

However, sometimes understanding a new formula CAN save you time. 

Even if you have a Time-Saving-Template, chances are that you might still have to do some editing, organizing or validating of data in your worksheets, before you can start the copy and pasting process to get everything entered in the template correctly.

This is especially true if you are downloading CSV’s to be input into a template (such as our VRBO, Airbnb, Etsy or Paypal related templates).

Or if you work in HR or compensation, then you probably have a ton of employee data in worksheets.

The struggle to get everything organized when you have a lot of data to work with is real!  

And that’s where this new excel formula, could be just the thing to help you streamline your processes even further.

Below I’ve outlined 4 different videos and 4 different ways the using X-lookup can start saving you time:

Video #1 - Get Started with X-lookup:

Video #2 - Return Multiple Columns of Data with 1 formula:

Video #3 - Return 1 Result based on Multiple Criteria:

Video #4 - 2 More Under-used Features that could be saving you time:

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