Get Started With Excel

Do you want to use Excel worksheets more efficiently? These videos will guide you through all the basics and shortcuts you need to know!

Video 1: Basic Navigating Excel with the Receipts Template

Download this template to follow along: Receipts-Sale-and-Donation.

Download the contents flyer so you can jump ahead to the tips you need most:  Navigating in Excel – Getting Started

Video 2 - Making the best use of filtering:

Video 3 - A time-saving tip when copy and pasting:

Video 4 - Printing what you want in your excel worksheet:

Video 5 - Changing formats to a group of cells at once and sequencing to save time on data entry:

Video 6- Your guide to creating and editing pivot tables, and shortcuts for using a pivot table:

I hope these videos help you get started with Excel!

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