Yes, most of my templates are designed in MS Excel and are compatible with all versions of Excel.  If you have a mac with ‘Excel for macs’ it will work.  

If you don’t have Excel, Open Office versions are available upon request.  Open Office is a free program you can download.

Most of the templates also work well with Google Sheets and One Drive’s Excel.  Please note that when purchasing, you agree to the licensing terms which allow the template to be used by the buyer only, and to not share the templates with others who haven’t paid for the product.

The spreadsheet templates are set up so that they’re easy to use. They also come with step-by-step PDF directions. Plus, most of the spreadsheets are color coded and include protected formula cells (this means the spreadsheet will always calculate correctly because the formulas cannot be over-written).

If you are new at using Excel, the free Get Started with Excel Guide will help you use spreadsheet templates more efficiently.

You can also visit my YouTube Channel for easy-to-follow tutorial videos about how to use spreadsheets.

Finally, if you would like to make changes to the formulas, you can upgrade to the unprotected version here

Most of my templates come with the cells with formulas protected. This prevents someone from accidentally deleting or writing over a formula (which could cause the template to not work as described).

If you want to be able to make changes to the formulas, you can upgrade to the unprotected version here.  Most of my templates come personalized with your name or company name and that remains protected, even in the unprotected versions.

I can also make changes or customizations for you.   See more information about custom orders here.

All templates are designed for your own personal use, but if you are a financial or property management adviser, you may purchase the license to use the template for your clients, when it is part of a service you provide.  See here for more details on the license.

These videos will guide you through which options will work best for your situation:

Sales & Expense Tracking:


Rental Property Management:

Inventory Tracking:

Yes. There is an entire help section for rental properties. Please visit it here: TimeSavingTemplates.com/Help-Rentals/

Yes. The Sales & Expenses Spreadsheet was designed specifically for Etsy Sellers. 

Click Here for help using the template.


Yes, if you have Excel for Mac they should work fine. 

If you don’t have Excel for Mac, I recommend trying the Open Office version.  Open office is a free program you can download.  You’ll have to request the Open Office version of the template when you checkout, as I only send it upon request.  I usually send the Excel version unless Open Office is requested.

The templates are designed in MS Excel, so if you can use Excel on your iPad you should be able to use the template also. 

There is also a free app called Docs Unlimited that works well with opening/editing excel files on an iPad.

Download free directions on how to use the Docs Unlimited app on your iPad here.

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Yes. Please visit the Free Resources page to receive a free small business, rental property, or human resources template.