Excel Tips – IF Function Series

How to use IF Functions in Microsoft Excel [For Beginners]

Using IF formulas in excel can be an easy way to apply logic to any excel file – whether you want to evaluate certain criteria to flag, or check if your data is falling within a certain range, the basic IF formula can do all of this in a few simple clicks.

In this video series, I cover several different types of IF formulas, so you can use the basic IF logic to return a specific result, or you can also use IF logic to return a certain calculation such as sum total, counts, max or min of various data sets.

Once you learn the basics of IF formulas, you’ll see how easy it is to utilize.  Most of my examples are using HR or compensation sample data with different templates you can find right here.


In this video below we’ll be looking at the bonus employee payments to determine the total bonuses paid by department and performance rating, plus how many in each are receiving a bonus:


In the next video, we take a look at how to summarize the employee bonus payouts – to add averages by department, the minimum payouts and the maximum payouts:

Part 3: How to calculate MEDIANIF

Next up, we’re combining 2 excel formulas together – Median and IF, to bring us the right data for a compensation review: the median value per salary grade. We also cover why you’d want to use median instead of average with compensation data:

Part 4: Regular IF formula

Lastly, we’re looking at different ways to use the basic “IF” formula. You can use this when you want to specify the result of a logical test with your own text:


Leveraging the benefits of IF functions can save you a great deal of time, minimize manual errors and just makes it easier to review when you have a lot of data and want to flag certain fields.

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or experienced with excel, you can use these formulas to provide valuable insights into the world of data analysis with Excel.

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