Compensation Consulting Services

At Time Saving Templates - I'm all about the simple shortcuts that can save you time - like an excel template or a time saving tip.

But sometimes a DIY (do-it-yourself) resource isn't enough to put a dent in your large scale projects, especially when you work in HR or compensation at a mid sized company.

Sometimes you need expert, strategic advice when it comes to compensation - beyond just the formulas to set up in a spreadsheet.

I'm excited to introduce you to a team of compensation experts, that I've had the pleasure to work with over the last couple years:

Whether you are looking for extra day-to-day compensation support or expertise during annual compensation programs, within this team of consultants we can offer expertise at different levels of support so you can tackle your compensation challenges with ease and peace of mind.

Below are some examples of the services available:

  • Executive Compensation

  • Pay Planning Tools

  • Job Evaluation

  • Market Review or Competitive Assessment

  • Salary Survey Submission

  • Pay Equity

  • Pay Policies

  • Salary Structures

  • Sales Compensation

  • Incentive Plan Design

How to get started? Fill out the form below and we'll begin the process to get you more information and pair you with the right consultant:

As an employee of AC Consulting, I may receive compensation if you buy future products or services from them, at no extra expense to you.