How to Run your Business Like Clockwork (Book Review!)

I’m all about saving time here at Time Saving Templates, so when I ran across this book, I knew I had to see what it was about!  

In this review I’m going over concepts covered in the book Clockwork: Design Your Business to Run Itself, by Mike Michalowicz. 

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So what’s ‘Clockworking’ your business all about?  If you own a small business and/or manage a small team, this book is going to be an excellent read.  The focus is all about efficiencies – and how you can design systems, tools and teams that run the most efficiently, just like Clockwork.  This video goes over the highlights:

Key take-aways from Clockworking:

Analyze your Company Time

The book goes over how to categorize your time and your staff's time into the 4 D's: Doing, Deciding, Delegating & Design time.

Queen Bee Role

The concept of the QBR is a way to prioritize what is the MOST important thing that all team members need to keep in mind, as either they are serving the QBR by doing the thing that keeps the business what it is, or they are protecting the time of those who are serving the QBR – by removing all other tasks off their plate, so they can focus on delivering the most important piece of the business at it’s best.

Capturing Systems

How to create systems that will make it easy to do the right things. This can include simple to complex systems - project management software or help desk ticketing software. How to create decision trees and gaurdrails that serve to guide effective decision making.

Balancing the Team

An interesting read on team dynamics and how to create an environment where teams can thrive and people are using their strengths. The book and the bootcamp provide extra guidance and support for leaders who are new at delegating and managing. Great tips even if you are just starting to hire part time contractors or your first virtual assistant.

Metrics Dashboards

How to keep an eye on the business, now that you have removed yourself from it. What is measured, is what will improve!

Imagine having your business run like a well-oiled machine, without you!

The next free Clockwork Event starts March 28th

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